Posted by: thecreditmaven | September 15, 2008

Don’t Fall For This One!

Look at a screen shot of an email that I received last Thursday………       The scam artists are still at it. Take a close look at this email – It has the Bank of America logo prominently displayed at the top of the email. If you happen to be a Bank of America customer, when this email popped into your Inbox you may be tempted to click on the link and start entering in the information requested.


This is a very crafty way of getting your personal banking information (and who knows what else they may want you to enter) as is known as a “Phishing” attempt. Don’t fall for this. Thieves are lurking everywhere and many can end up in your Inbox trying to scam you.

What the person(s) didn’t know when they sent me this email is that I’m NOT a Bank of America customer.

If you ever receive an email like this, or one very similar to it report it to your IT department (if you work for a company). Or, if you are self-employed any phishing attempt can be reported to:

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) is a partnership between the Department of Homeland Security and the public and private sectors. Established in 2003 to protect the nation’s Internet infrastructure, US-CERT coordinates defense against and responses to cyber attacks across the nation.

Don’t allow this to happen to you and don’t allow it to go unreported. Fight Back. Before you delete this type of email, report it so that someone somewhere knows about it and it can be investigated and hopefully one day the people responsible for this type of activity can be held accountable. In the meantime, be on guard.

Every individual in the United States, and even throughout the world, should fight back against this type of crime. Forward this information to everyone you know so that at least they can see a real example of a very lame attempt at getting information. I’ve received many of these in the past, but now I’m not putting up with it any longer.

Never give your personal, banking, Social Security number, financial, birth date, address, etc to anyone who CALLS you on the phone, EMAILS you, or FAXES you wanting that information. Even if they claim to be law enforcement, the IRS, or government official. TELL THEM TO TAKE A HIKE!!

The one and only time you should give out the aforementioned information is when you are the one who personally initiated the transaction or request. Either you called a company or you went to a bank, credit union, financial institution to enter into and/or request some type of transaction.

Always BEWARE – Danger is lurking nearby!! It could be in one of your next emails or that next phone call you get at home or work. Don’t even give them a chance.


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