Posted by: thecreditmaven | February 16, 2009

Personal Stimulus Plan – Guaranteed To Get Results!

Have the credit card bills started to arrive from the holiday season yet?

Do you feel a “Hulk-sized VISA” credit card monkey on your back?

Are you having ‘plastic’ withdrawal symptoms from all of those after Christmas sales?

Has the thought crossed your mind to file Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy?

Are you behind on your mortgage payments?


If you answered yes to any of the above, I applaud you for your honesty. Personally, I answered yes to them.

Now that the government has passed a nearly 800 billion-dollar stimulus package for our supposed benefit, I believe it’s time for everyone to receive some “personal stimulus”.

Before your mind starts to wonder and you begin to have visions of escaping with your spouse or significant other to a cabin in the mountains or a beach vacation, the “personal stimulus” I’m speaking of is this:


There it is – plain and simple. Very “Dave Ramsey-like”. So simple many people overlook it.

Looking back several generations, our grandparents and great-grandparents didn’t use credit in the same fashion that it is used today. If they didn’t have the cash to buy something, they saved until they did. Credit was something to be avoided, not cherished and used in such a cavalier fashion as is seemingly required to be part of modern-day society.

Take all of your credit cards and pay them off as soon as possible. Stop being beholden to gargantuan companies that charge 9%, 17%, 30% or more to use a little piece of plastic that didn’t cost 90 cents to manufacture.

You can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and some major ailments by stopping the habit of PPE – “PLASTIC PAYMENT EASE”. It’s that hand gesture of reaching in your wallet or purse and extracting that thin sliver of plastic that has you inebriated to the point that you don’t feel any pain making a purchase until you get the credit card bill the next month.

Do yourself and your future wealth a favor – stop using credit cards now.



  1. Sound advice but a challenge to execute unless individuals change their money blueprint or thir mindset with respect to money.

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