Posted by: thecreditmaven | January 20, 2009

If The US Government Had A Credit Score, It Would Be A Negative Number

The parade is over, the speech has been given, the oath has been taken, all of the millions of pictures have been uploaded/downloaded to Facebook, and the Neighborhood ball is over…now what?

Let me start out by saying that I am proud to be an American, happy to be living in the United States of America, blessed to be married to a wonderful woman and humbled that God Almighty allowed me to wake up this morning.

Folks – we have a big problem in our great country. We are drunk on credit. We get a buzz from 0% balance transfers. Our lives are too simplistic with that thin sliver of plastic. Credit Card Depression Syndrome – You heard it here first.

Our government, more specifically our elected officials, has not been setting a good example for all of us citizens to model. Instead of being fiscally responsible, managing money correctly and behaving in a mature manner we have money being “dished out” willy-nilly, tax revenue that cannot be accounted for and elected officials being caught red-handed lying, cheating and stealing!

I am not even going to write about what is going on up on Wall Street (future article for sure).

As a parent, we are supposed to model to our children the behaviors, virtues and morals that we hope will guide them into becoming adults.

Let me ask you a question – “What are the government and our elected officials suppose to model to the citizens who elected them?”

Our government needs a nonstop 2-year group therapy session, shock treatment (for some), industrial size Prozac for others and taken out to the woodshed for the lingering attitude adjustments so sorely needed.

Why does America have the lowest savings rate in the world? Why are there so many foreclosures and bankruptcies occurring in the last 24 months? Where does the US Government keep its savings account? When was the last time an audit was done on all of the government agencies to determine where all of the money is spent? How much money does the US Government actually have?

Okay – take a deep breath in through the nostrils, hold for three seconds, and slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat.

We have to put the US Government on a “credit diet”. What do I mean? No more credit can be extended starting tomorrow morning at 8:00am EST.

Stop using your credit cards for purchases. If you do not have the money in the bank, do not spend it. DO WITHOUT!!


Resolve this year to write your State Representatives, Congressman and Senators. The status quo is no longer acceptable. Take responsibility for yourself and your family. There is no free lunch and it is not the government’s responsibility to take care of you.

Where do our elected Congressman and Representatives get the money for TARP, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, etc.? That’s right. Who determines where, when and how much of that money should even flow? That’s right. Who do you see when you look in the mirror in the morning? That’s right.

Be ever mindful of have you use credit. Your credit report and credit score are very important.

The government doesn’t care……………but I want you to care. Be sure to write soon.



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